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Vi gir deg de beste prisene! De er faste og gjelder for alle boliger vi leier ut.

Det koster ikke mer for oss å forvalte en stor leilighet enn en liten, derfor er vi en utleiemegler med fastpris.

Pris for oppstart 11 900kr.


Befaring, fotografering, annonsering, visninger, referanse- og kredittsjekk, leieavtale, inn- og utflyttingsprotokoller.

Fastpris for oppstart 11 900kr.


Overtakelse, forvaltning av leieforholdet, utleieforsikring, innkreving av husleie, rådgivning, åpner for håndverker, hjelp ved tvister og rapportering til husleier.

Fastpris for forvaltning 990kr per mnd.

It does not cost us more to manage a large apartment than a small one,
therefore we are a rental broker with a fixed price.

The fee is deducted from the first paid rent.

Start-up for apartments * - Fixed price* 13 900,-
Start-up - If you find a tenant yourself - Fixed price 3 900,-
Management - Fixed price 1 190,- pr. month.

* For other types of rental objects, contact for price.
Instead of a fixed price, you can choose to pay per hour.

Hourly price kr 1 250,-
All prices include VAT.

kr 13 900,-

Inspection, photography, advertising, screenings, reference and credit checks, lease agreement, moving-in and moving-out protocols.

kr 3 900,-

Reference and credit check, lease agreement, moving-in and moving-out protocols.

kr 1 190,- pr. month

Takeover, management of the tenancy, rental insurance, collection of rent, advice, opening for craftsmen, help with disputes and reporting to tenant.


Six Benefits of Using Enklere Utleie When Renting Out Your Home

Enklere Utleie wants to be the most preferred rental broker in Oslo, and here we present to you six advantages of choosing Enklere Utleie as a rental broker in Oslo.

Are you a Landlord?

We rent out your home easily and safely!

Are you looking for a rental property?

We are a professional rental broker, and if you rent through us you will get a neat and proper contract.


    Are you looking for a rental property?

    We are a professional rental broker

    We are a professional rental broker, and if you rent through us you will get a neat and proper contract. Should any problems arise in the tenancy, you will receive help from us. We value the tenant's rights as high as the landlord's rights.
    There is a lot of competition for the best homes, so it is recommended to bring a short CV on display where there is some information about those who will live in the home.

    Tidy contracts

    Our contracts are legally quality assured and take care of both tenant and landlord in a good and tidy way.

    Are you interested?

    Fill out a form to show an interest for the apartment.

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    Rental period

    Agreed upon in each case. When renting a home, you have the choice between entering into a fixed-term lease or a lease for an indefinite period. In normal consumer conditions, only fixed-term leases are normally used. These can again be short-term contracts - less than one year - or normal contracts of between 1-3 years.


    Tenants must provide security for the tenancy. The amount varies between 3-6 months rent.

    Events during the rental period

    In most cases, we manage the property and will be an advisor if there is uncertainty about who is responsible for events that arise during a tenancy. In those cases where we do not have management, these matters are clarified directly between the landlord and the tenant.

    Report relocation

    If you are moving within Norway, you must send a relocation notice within 8 days after you have moved. This is done on the tax authorities' pages, click on this link to get directly to the page. Report a change of address to Norway Post, companies, friends and acquaintances.

    As a tenant, you are obliged to maintain door locks, taps, water closets, electrical contacts and switches, hot water tanks and fixtures and fittings in the living space that is not part of the real estate. The tenant is also obliged to carry out the necessary function check, cleaning, battery replacement, testing and the like of smoke alarms and fire extinguishing equipment.

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    Are you a landlord?

    We rent out your home easily and safely!

    We take you easily and safely through the entire rental process, from finding the right rental price – to finding the right tenant and you as the landlord choose how involved you want to be in the process.
    We tailor marketing, contracts and do a thorough credit and reference check on all tenants.

    We are with you all the way

    If you choose the administration, we follow up the tenancy and that the rent is paid as agreed.

    We make it easy to choose the right tenant

    We have regular routines and take thorough checks of all the potential tenants.

    In safe hands throughout the process

    Thorough preparation and review of your home is the first step on the way to getting your home rented at the right market price. This allows us to estimate the rental level, how long it will take to rent out and recommend relevant marketing measures. Together we go through your wishes and our recommendations around the process. We tailor marketing, contracts and do a thorough credit and reference check on all tenants.

    Management of your rental property

    Rental management allows you to rent out worry-free and gives you extra security in that we follow up the tenancy even after the home has been handed over to the tenant. We follow up that the rent is paid on time and safeguard the legal and practical interests of both landlord and tenant during the entire rental period. Rental insurance through Tryg Forsikring

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